Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a plot to be buried next to my family?2022-02-12T04:11:14+08:00
Yes. By reserving a plot you will also be protected from future cost increases.
What’s included in the burial price?2021-09-01T02:43:56+08:00

Plot, burial, gravestone, and perpetual care.

Who organizes the Salatul Janazah prayer?2022-01-08T23:49:49+08:00

The family should coordinate the Salatul Janazah with the funeral home and masjid. You should remain in contact with your masjid representative throughout the process. The Imam will usually direct the prayer, but you must provide him with a time when the body will arrive in advance. The prayer can also be performed at the cemetery.

Can my non-Muslim family members attend the funeral?2022-02-12T04:11:33+08:00

Anyone, regardless of faith, is encouraged to attend funerals. Non-Muslims should be informed they can not take part in the Salatul Janazah.

Who provides the casket?2021-09-01T02:32:54+08:00

Funeral homes provide caskets. It is recommended that Muslims be buried in a plain wooden casket

Can I donate to the cemetery and what would my donation be used for?2022-02-12T04:11:55+08:00

Donations to the cemetery are always welcome. If donations are not marked for a specific use they will be used to help cover funeral costs for those that are unable to pay and for general upkeep of the cemetery grounds.

What can be placed at the grave?2021-09-01T02:42:04+08:00

Flowers may be placed on the grave, however, we ask family members to refrain from leaving objects such as pictures or candles on the grave

Can women visit the cemetery?2022-01-08T23:51:41+08:00

Yes, anyone regardless of gender or religious affiliation can visit the cemetery or observe a burial. Those who attend must dress modestly and act appropriately.

Do you provide gravestones? Can I provide my own gravestone?2022-02-12T04:12:16+08:00

The burial price includes the cost of a gravestone. All gravestones are identical. We do not permit gravestones from outside sources.

Can my non-Muslim family members be buried here?2021-09-01T02:35:06+08:00

No. Only Muslims are buried at this cemetery.

Where do I get a burial shroud?2022-02-12T04:12:52+08:00

A kafan is the shroud made of unstitched sheets used to wrap a body: three sheets for males and five sheets for females. Kafans are sometimes provided by a local masjid. It’s best to plan ahead and purchase these from an Islamic shop. The cemetery does not provide kafans.

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